From visual to product

I'm Xiana, a Product Designer from Galicia, Spain. I have been designing for over a decade.

My experience

Throughout that time, I have worked for exciting startups and established companies in Germany and in Spain.

Tools I use

I work with Sketch, Figma, Invision and Hotjar. I also use Adobe Suite and I love taking notes.

Agile methodologies

I do product discovery work, user journeys, UI, testing and iteration in agile environments.

I created and managed Bonaval Store, an online shopping destination for those seeking gifts and accessories with a twist.

You can have see more of it here.

Sharing Christmas lottery

This is one of the biggest projects I have worked in while being Ventura24. In order to attract new customers, an offline behaviour was translated online: the users were invited to share their Christmas lottery tickets with friends. I worked researching, designing user journeys, developing user screen proposal along with a freelance, testing them in focus groups and iterating them along the technical department. When it went live, it was analyzed using Google Analytics and Hotjar. Sadly, it's not online anymore, but you can watch the whole process in this video: